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About Us

About High Class K9 Trained Protection Dogs

We Strive for Excellence, Integrity, Honesty & Reliability With a Clear Understanding That a Satisfied Customer Is Our Most Valuable Asset

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About High Class K9 Trained Protection Dogs

About High Class K9 Trained Protection Dogs

About High Class K9 Trained Protection DogsThank you for visiting High-Class K9, a small family-owned kennel who is passionate about providing the absolute best, highly socialized, family & personal protection dogs available. Our dogs are professionally trained for real life scenarios. Headquartered in South Florida with a location in the NorthEast US and in Latin America as well as strong ally in Europe we are positioned to support our customers after the sale. We are not brokers, we own and care for each dog you see on this website allowing us to know them well so that we can better match them to your needs and lifestyle. Perhaps this is why most our business growth is organic, from word-of-mouth, and why many of our customers return to us for their second dog. I am proud to say that we have dogs protecting families in 5 continents.

Our dogs are carefully chosen for our obedience or protection program. We refuse more dogs than we accept into our program. Once accepted they are trained and handled by several of our highly experienced instructors including female handlers and children. Your new dog will behave and listen to you at home and in public and will protect you with its own life should the need arise.

When you invest in a professionally trained family or personal protection dog from High Class K9 you can be certain that you are getting the most for your money but more importantly that you are investing in a qualified canine specifically chosen and professionally trained for your needs, a canine with the right temperament, drive, personality, intelligence & character to compliment your lifestyle.

 “I love dogs. I pass the time learning pedigrees, watching dogs, talking and learning about my favorite breeds and about others as well. I treat my dogs as if I gave birth to them and I spend much time to find them the right forever home. I hug them when they arrive and when they leave this world and I keep a special place in my heart to be occupied only by them. I socialize my dogs in a way that shows my dedication. I do not keep notes of the money nor the time I spend with dogs; this would not be the true measure of how I feel for them. Yes, I believe that my dogs will be the healthiest, mentally and physically, and the best example of their kind. I support each family that chooses one of my dogs and advise them as they are now part of our extended family. I am committed to supporting dogs via rescue and education. I like to learn and to share my knowledge.  I will never be ashamed of who I am, I’ve always worked hard, tried to be a good person and one that loves dogs and I encourage others to do the same. I am a dog trainer and handler with dogs  protecting people all over the world and I’m proud of it.”