BEWARE of “El Desperado”

Desperado is that private individual selling his own personal or family protection dog for what seems to be an incredible deal. Usually found in your local classifieds or other web listing. Folks, if someone is selling their dog for a low price chances are that there is something wrong with the animal. A number of things could be wrong and yes there is that chance that its true and they have to move or leave the country but more often than not the reality is that either the dog bit them or someone they knew, has bad habits, they showed aggression, health issues have been discovered or the dog simply disappointed the owner in some way. In this situation you would have no idea of what training the dog has been through, who trained it, and if you wanted to return the animal and make a claim you would have no recourse. You will lose your money.

BEWARE of “El Cheapo”

El Cheapo would be those companies or trainers that either because of laziness or lack of knowledge are selling poorly trained dogs to families as protection dogs and fall short of what a real protection dog is. These dogs usually sell for $10,000 and the seller claims the dog to be fully trained.  We have had a few customers who were fooled by 2 companies out of Europe using a telephone number from the states. Some customers never received a dog after sending them money and the lucky customers received a shitty dog that wouldn’t protect if their life depended on it. Don’t be fooled by these companies who rank high in google and other search engines, they claim to have every breed imaginable and they are all excellent-yeah right. People, there is no way to purchase or raise a high caliber dog whether from the States or Europe, feed it, take care of its health, cleaning and logging the hundreds of hours in labor necessary to finish a safe fully trained dog, sell it for 10k and make money. The numbers don’t add up folks. What these people are doing is finding cheap dogs, sometimes free dogs even from shelters, teach them aggression, and sell them as family protection dogs, what they are creating are time bombs. After you tell them you are looking for say a doberman, they tell you they have the perfect one and may even send you a video of another dog, not much difference to a customers untrained eye. They will now go out and find a doberman, stick him in a cage and start poking the dog. When the dog bites they stop the poking thereby teaching the dog that biting makes the problem go away. What do you think will happen when little  Susie pokes the dog or step on its tail after you bring him home? The dog may bite to make the problem go away. This training takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks which is all they can afford to spend on a dog if they are selling it for 10k.  These dogs don’t have a foundation, no socialization and although they may protect a warehouse or a junk yard they are not protection trained they are aggression trained, they are dangerous and unpredictable and not a product for family.  Others customers have been sent nothing more than an expensive lap dog for a protection dog. You will not get a good protection dog and will have no recourse. You will lose your money.

BEWARE of “El Loco”

Because hype seems to be worth more than gold to some we refer to El Loco to those companies who will say anything to justify their gazillion dollar dogs or “Hollywood” dogs as some call them. Bless them and the people that give them their money . These companies typically sell dogs from 100k and above, reinvest in aggressive marketing campaigns, run expensive magazine ads etc which makes them look big and gives them a presence but also makes their dogs very expensive. They feel in their own minds that they reinvented the wheel, they think their dogs are godly and play the piano, violin, and are better than any other dog on the planet. In reality they are usually brokers who don’t have any dogs in stock but will find you the “perfect one because of their century old relationships in Europe”.  Having said this, generally speaking, some companies have or can find very good dogs but they will be dogs that they don’t know personally and the information they give you is information given to them by whomever owns the dog. Their dogs are no better than ours. So, what is the difference between a legit professionally trained  dog and a $100,000 dog? A bunch of money worth of marketing and hype. Its up to you to swallow the hype. Spend 30k less with us on the same dog if not better and spend the rest on shoes.