Crime Statistics

According to the FBI, nearly 8.9 million criminal offenses were reported in 2020 of which an estimated 1,179,039 were violent crimes

Requests for personal protection dogs have grown in recent years. Crime rate continues to grow and in a bad economy, where unemployment rises and law enforcement departments experience cut backs, is inevitable that heinous crimes like robbery, assault, home invasion, rape and murder continue to increase. The worst that one can do is nothing and clinch to a false sense of security. We move to good neighborhoods, gated communities and we put our guard down assuming trouble will go else where but nothing is further from the truth. Thieves murders and rapists are predators and they follow their pray until they are most vulnerable, when they least expect it and where they can get their best return for their risk. They hunt in nice neighborhoods, they follow people with nice cars and kidnap children from families that can pay dividends.

You can and should install an alarm system and perhaps even consider a weapon with proper training on how to use it but you cant take the alarm with you and you may not want to bring a pistol why jogging or taking children on a stroller. You may, however, want to bring your dog along so why not have one that will protect you. Do you all can to prevent been a target.

According to the FBI’s most recent crime report, in 2020, an estimated 1,179,039 violent crimes occurred nationwide. Aggravated assaults accounted for the highest number of violent crimes.. Robbery, forcible rape and murder accounted for the rest. Don’t be the next family to fall victim due to False Sense of Security. Crime is happening in your area as you read this.  This is public information available to everyone. Spend a few minutes researching and you will be surprised how many crimes are been committed as you read this and how many sex offenders live immediately or relatively close by.

In 2020, there were 538,203 violent-crime incidents, and 640,836 offenses reported in the United States by 9,991 law enforcement agencies


  • A woman is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes in America 70% of sexual assaults occur in the victim’s house.
  • According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, which includes crimes that were not reported to the police, 232,960 women in the U.S. were raped or sexually assaulted in 2006. That’s more than 600 women every day. Other estimates, such as those generated by the FBI, are much lower because they rely on data from law enforcement agencies. A significant number of crimes are never even reported for reasons that include the victim’s feeling that nothing can/will be done and the personal nature of the incident. According to the FBI, there were an estimated at 84,767 forcible rapes reported to law enforcement in 2010.


The U.S. Department of Justice reports 797,500 children (younger than 18) were reported missing in a one-year period of time studied resulting in an  average of 2,185 children being reported missing each day.

  • 203,900 children were the victims of family abductions.
  • 58,200 children were the victims of non-family abductions.
  • 115 children were the victims of “stereotypical” kidnapping. (These crimes involve someone the child does not know or someone of slight acquaintance, who holds the child overnight, transports the child 50 miles or more, kills the child, demands ransom, or intends to keep the child permanently).
  • Approximately every 40 seconds a child under 18 is reported missing. Thats over 2000 missing children a day. Approximately 70% are taken from inside or around their house, neighborhood or local park. Unfortunately about one fourth are found dead.
  • An estimated 17,815 persons were murdered nationwide in 2020.
  •  In 2010, there were an estimated 778,901 aggravated assaults in the Nation.
  • Nationwide in 2010, there were an estimated 367,832 robberies.