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Oso is an extraordinary and exotic brindle male, sweet boy that doesn’t lose sight of you and even at 6 weeks of age, yes six weeks, he shows his innate protective instincts. Like daddy, Oso promises large size and big head. He is very confident and aware of his surroundings with strong desire to be with you and show affection. One can tell that this will be an affectionate yet serious and devoted protector

Fila Brasileiro or Brazilian Mastiff is a large working breed developed in Brazil. It is known for its superb tracking ability, protective & courageous temperament.  They are Docile, Obedient, Determined, Loyal, Brave and very close to their handler thus the old brazilian saying “as loyal as a Fila”. Their ability and desire to protect property and family is innate and their size/look by itself is an excellent deterrent. The bloodline that we work with are direct exports which are more athletic and retain their working ability unlike those found in the states. We are in love with how much this breed cares for their handler, is unlike anything we have experience before. Of course the Fila is not a dog breed for everyone and we will be very selective when allocating these pups. Having said that, i cant think of a better breed for some who has a ranch type setting and is interested not only in personal protection but property protection as well. 

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