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The  Laizhou Hong K9 is for the most discriminating connoisseur. This breed is Loyal, Powerful, Rare, Beautiful, Protective. We are proud to be the first and thus far only kennel in the USA successfully breeding this amazing breed.

Ronnie is a sweet and mellow Red, large in size and social non conflicting with other dogs large or small. In regards to strangers Ronnie acts neutral meaning he doesn’t come to them to be petted he could care less as he is devoted to his handler, typical of the breed. The Laizhou Hong is extremely rare, they are very personal dogs who want to be by your side even off leash. Ronnie is very mellow, he can work all day or can be perfectly calm sleeping by your feet as you work from home or watch TV with the family.  Their coat is even shorter or tighter than a dobermans so minimal shedding.

Ronnie’s size and bark alone is enough to make big bad boyz tremble. These dogs have an undeniable presence that demands respect from the ill willed.

If you want a special dog few others have lets discuss customizing  a Laizhou Hong for you.

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