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Top 8 Best Protection Dogs

Here are some of the most popular dog breeds that are considered the best protection dogs due to their innate defense and protective instincts. Bare in mind that just because a dog is of the mentioned breed it does not mean that the dog will be a good candidate for protection work much less family protection and the opposite is also true, a dog breed may not be on my list and it may produce excellent protection dogs. As you can see from our dog inventory, we are not breed specific. While we do believe that there are certain dog breeds that offer more potential for protection than other, our years of experience confirm that there are exceptions to this. We have come across excellent protection dogs among breeds not commonly used for this type of work and vice versa. Dogs with the genetic potential to become good protection k9 are relatively few.

The Dutch Shepherd

Almost unknown outside Holland, the Dutch Shepherd is valued there for its ability as a herder and for its quick reflexes. Originally an all-purpose farm guard, police dog, cart-puller, and guard dog. This breed has an upright, triangular ears with three different coat length: short, medium (wire haired) and long. It comes in a variety of brindle color including including yellow, silver, red or gold brindle, gray, red, and blue. The short haired type is very common in Holland while the wire-haired is less common and the long-haired is very rare. They have a strong physique with long muzzle and regular teeth. They look a lot like their most common cousin, the German Shepherd. They make great jogging companions. Let them run beside your bike, or take them into the woods or open countryside where they can run freely.

dutch shepherd dutch shepherd dutch shepherd

This breed is friendly, loving, playful and highly energetic. The Dutch Shepherds are among the most competent of all shepherd dogs at such tasks as agility, catch, obedience competitions, guard work, herding, field trailing and companionship. Attached to its territory, and an enthusiastic worker. They are obedient, sober and very loyal to its handler and family. Unwanted visitors will be stopped in their tracks, while known family friends will be greeted enthusiastically. Dutch Shepherds enjoy the company of their own kind and get along fine with other animals. They are exceptional at learning new things, which makes them so much easier to be housbroken. This breed makes an excellent watch and guard dog. Active, lively and alert. The short-haired variety is the most common sort for defense/police dog trials. It needs little care and can withstand fatigue and bad weather.

German Shepherd

Belgian Malinois



Giant Schnauzer


Dogo Argentino

American Pitbull Terrier