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Because not everyone likes a Shepherd…Introducing Mr Rocky aka Jeff, a 100lb, pure-black Giant Schnauzer import. This fine boy is representative of what a Giant Schnauzer should be and both his pedigree and his competition record shows it. He has won both regional and national competitions where beauty, conformation and temperament are judged. Jeff has fine imprinting and is titled in IPO & FPr-1 plus has been cross-training for real life protection. This level of imprinting assures we get a competition level obedience that’s not only flashy but also reliable every time. Jeff has been raised and handled by a female trainer since pup creating a more compliant less challenging dog with members of the family once bonded.

Well-known for their loyalty, even temperament and intelligence, a Giant Schnauzer makes a superb protection dog. An ancient German breed which dates from at least the 1400s, Schnauzers were bred to be adaptable working dogs for agricultural tasks including herding and as a protection and guard dog. Jeff is naturally protective and will defend his family and property with his life. This breed is not to be confused with its smaller cousin fifi the small schnauzer. Jeff is a serious dog that will love his family but he is very protective and doesn’t put up with crap from strangers. This dog offers a high degree of obedience, deterrence and protection.

Jeff is a large, exotic and stylish breed with superior obedience and protection training that will make some discerning customer very happy.

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