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Trained Protection Dogs South Florida

Trained Protection Dogs South Florida

Best Personal & Family Protection Dogs for Everyday Life

Are you looking for a social, highly trained dog that can accompany you at home and in public and be safe with children as well as protective of your family if the need arose? All of the dogs at High-Class K9 are specifically bred, selected and trained for personal and family protection. We are not brokers, we own the dogs listed on this site. 


Stay Safe with a High-Class K9 Protection Trained Dogs!

Meet us and our dogs and see why customers recommend us and why many get a 2nd dog from us.

Our Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois come from careful selective breeding of european bloodlines that reproduce the traits we know we need to form a family-safe obedience and protection trained dog NOT a police or military dog. After a solid foundation and through imprinting from an early age we guarantee that a High-Class K9 will be healthy and have the right character, drive, temperament and intelligence to integrate and become a loving member of your family. Whether you are taking the dog on a run, to your office or just watching television, you will find our dogs to be alert and aware of their environment but relaxed, confident and affectionate, always aware of where you are. We are certain that we can provide you with a superlative dog to fit your needs and lifestyle. Your absolute satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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Why families should consider investing in the proper protection dog

At HighClass K9, we understand the unique need to own protection dogs that are social, affectionate with children, friends and family.  The reasons why a family could benefit from owning  an obedience and protection trained dog are endless, but most want it as a faithful companion, an alarm and effective deterrent against crime. Heinous crimes like rape, home invasions and murders are on the rise and unfortunately women are usually a target. The majority of our customers, celebrity or not, are men who perhaps travel for business and want to leave his wife and children as safe as possible. A fully trained protection dog can be an additional and effective layer of protection for most families.

Having a companion and protector helps ease anxiety

Sadly, when a family experiences trauma related to a crime or even hears about the experience from a friend or neighbor, it becomes difficult for them to sleep alone, go outside on jogs or hikes or even for a quick walk with children, often infants on a stroller. Their concern over their safety begins to affect their quality of life. In these cases, having a dog that can warm you of someone approaching, exhibit a mean face on command and stop a threat should it escalate, is of extreme comfort for many families. Our dogs are not trained to be aggressive, but they can go from being warm and affectionate to having a fight face if you say the right word or if they feel a member of their family is in danger. This ability to switch on and off on command is especially important. Since most of our dogs are ultimately handled by the woman of the house, the dog must be obedient, non dominant and easy to handle.

Companion For Life

Our dogs are capable of fighting an opponent on your command in order to save you from harm but they are also highly affectionate animals that need love and affection from their master. Once these dogs earn your trust they will have your back. They will protect you out of love not because they are aggressive. Our dogs are specially selected to be affectionate companions and family dogs with balanced drives that love to be with their owners.