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Trained Protection Dogs South Florida

Trained Protection Dogs South Florida

The Best Obedience, Deterrence & Protection Dogs for Everyday Life

Are you looking for a social, highly trained dog that can accompany you at home and in public as well as be protective if the need arose? 


Stay Safe with a High-Class K9 Protection Trained Dogs!

Meet us and our dogs and see why customers recommend us and why many get a 2nd dog from us.

Some working breeds such as Dobermans, Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois have a natural instinct and desire to protect. After a solid foundation and through imprinting from an early age the right dog with desired character, drive, temperament and intelligence can become a loving member of your family. Whether you are taking the dog on a run, cross country, to your office or just watching television, you will find our dogs to be well mannered, alert and aware of their environment also confident and affectionate, always aware of where you are.  Lets discuss your needs and determine if we can provide you with a superlative dog to fit your lifestyle. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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Why someone would consider investing in the proper deterrence or protection dog

For over 30,000 years humans have kept dogs for companionship and protection. The reasons why a family could benefit from owning  an obedience, deterrence or protection trained dog are endless, but most want it as a faithful companion, an alarm and effective deterrent against crime. Heinous crimes like rape, home invasions and murders are on the rise. We know that a woman is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes in America and that 70% of sexual assaults occur in the victim’s house. Every 40 seconds a child under 18 is reported missing and 70% are taken from inside or around their house, neighborhood or local park. Unfortunately about one fourth are found dead.  A fully trained obedience, deterrence or protection dog can be an additional and effective layer of security for the right person or family.

Having a companion and protector helps ease anxiety

Sadly, when a family experiences trauma related to a crime or even hears about the experience from a friend or neighbor, it becomes difficult for them to sleep alone, go outside on jogs or hikes or even for a quick walk with children, often infants on a stroller. Their concern over their safety begins to affect their quality of life. In these cases, having a dog that can warm you of someone approaching, exhibit a mean face on command and stop a threat should it escalate, is of extreme comfort for many families. Our dogs are not trained to be aggressive, but they can go from being warm and affectionate to having a fight face if you say the right word or if they feel a member of their family is in danger.

Protective Companion For Life

Our dogs are capable of fighting an opponent on your command in order to save you from harm but they are also highly affectionate animals that need love and affection from their master. Once you have established trust and a bond these dogs will have your back. They will protect you out of love not because they are crazy or aggressive. In many ways a protection trained K9 can be compared to a person who has trained in martial arts like karate for example. The fact that this person can fight and defend them selves and their loved one doesn’t make them antisocial, dangerous or aggressive, on the contrary,  it makes them confident and thereby more stable than someone willing but unprepared to deal with the stress of defense.