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Senya *SOLD*

Breed: Doberman

Training: Off Leash Obedience --- Can Upgrade to Deterrence & Protection

Meet Senya *SOLD*!

Meet Senya, an exceptional European female Doberman with a remarkable temperament. Renowned for her intelligence and problem-solving skills, Senya is a thinking-dog who appears to comprehend every uttered word. If you were to throw Senya from a helicopter in the middle of the Amazon jungle you can rest assured she will come out the other side. Her ability to imagine and adapt sets her apart, making her a standout companion. Affectionate and loyal, Senya is not only alert but also naturally protective, showcasing her strong sense of devotion to her family. Despite lacking formal bite training, her instinctual protective nature can be further honed through deterrence and protection training. Senya’s obedience and stability shine through in all environments, making her a reliable and well-behaved canine companion. While Senya has not been bred, it’s worth noting that she experienced a “false pregnancy,” leading to a few enlarged nipples. This unique trait does not diminish her outstanding qualities and capabilities. If you are in search of a high-quality European Doberman dedicated to her family, Senya is the ideal choice – a canine companion that promises not to disappoint.

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