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For over two decades we have bred, raised, selected and trained exceptional dogs in obedience, deterrence and protection. We are not brokers, we own and care for each dog you see on this website.  This hands-on approach allows us to develop a deep understanding of our dog’s personality, temperament and innate qualities enabling us to best align our dogs with each customers specific needs, lifestyle and expectations. Furthermore, our 100% satisfaction guarantee assures you don’t get stuck with a dog that isn’t a perfect match. We have dogs protecting families in 5 continents yielding a vast list of references from celebrities, business executives, key opinion leaders, world leaders and families like yours and mine.

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My name is Ivan and I am a professional dog trainer and handler with a deep passion for dogs. I was that boy who often fell asleep on top of the encyclopedia opened on the dog section and then progressed to picking up every dog I saw on the streets. I brought a homeless dog in the front the door, my dad let him out the back, lol.  I founded this business many years ago after my experience while looking for a protection trained dog for my own family. I came across everything from backyard breeders with dogs literally back tied to trees to companies importing and reselling mostly show line German Shepherds that looked good on video but couldn’t protect themselves from a fly in real life.  Everyone claimed to have the “perfect dog” for me yet I never shared their sentiment.  In brief, nothing was what it seemed and thus High-Class K9 was born.
A lot has rained since we started High-Class K9. The world of dog training has evolved significantly over the years, and I’ve embraced this progress wholeheartedly. By blending time-tested techniques with modern advancements, I aim to raise dogs that are not just protective and obedient, but truly thrive as integral members of their families. For many years we have been perfecting our craft, honing our skills in breeding, selecting, categorizing and training the ideal family and personal protection dog. Through trials and tribulations we have developed the “secret sauce” many other companies try to imitate and are unable to duplicate. It simply takes years and lots of money to yield a product suitable for a family environment. You can’t get it off the shelf, you can’t just “order it” from Europe, you have to build it or create it otherwise you end up buying someone else’s problem. You must know that not all Belgian Malinois are the same, not all Dobermans are the same, not all German Shepherds are the same regardless of who their parents are and regardless of training. Are your children exactly like you? Are you exactly like your sibling? Probably not, sure, they share traits and similarities but deep down we are all individuals, so are dogs. A dog that maybe perfect for you may not be perfect for the next family and so the selection and matching process is crucial and we are really good at it.
Our dogs are not just pets or a source of revenue to me; they are my companions, my teachers, and part of my family. I spend my days immersed in their world, observing, learning, and cherishing every moment with them. Whether it’s studying their behavior, exploring different breeds, or ensuring they find the perfect forever homes, my dedication knows no bounds. I believe in nurturing not just their physical health, but also their mental well-being. Through proper socialization and training, I strive to cultivate dogs that embody the best qualities of their breed – affectionate, confident, and fiercely loyal. Every family that welcomes one of my dogs into their home becomes a part of our extended family, receiving guidance and support every step of the way.
When you invest in a professionally trained family or personal protection dog from High Class K9 you can be certain that you are getting the most for your money but more importantly that you are investing in a qualified canine specifically chosen and professionally trained for your needs, a canine with the right temperament, drive, personality, intelligence, character and guarantees to compliment not complicate your lifestyle. I vowed long ago to keep things simple and transparent, this includes pricing which is listed by each dog. 
As a family man, business man, dog trainer and handler, I take pride in the role I play in protecting families around the globe, knowing that the love and dedication my team and I pour into each dog makes a difference in their lives”.
I am a dog trainer and handler with K9s protecting families like yours and mine all over the world and I’m proud of it.”
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