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Frequently Asked Questions

Miami German Shepherd Protection Dogs

What are your guarantees? (Ask for details)

  • All dogs are guaranteed to be healthy upon arrival.
  • All dogs come with a written satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason you dont like your dog it will be replaced for one of equal or greater value. You just pay shipping cost.

Do you offer customized training?

  • Yes, we can customize the dog we chose to compliment your needs and lifestyle.

Why should I buy a Personal Protection Dog instead of a Gun or an Alarm?

  • maybe you should have all 3. A personal protection dog cannot be taken from you and used against you, is a companion and it can go places an alarm can’t. You can recall your dog but you can’t recall a bullet.


What is the process for buying a dog from you?

  • After you’ve glanced our site and read some of the articles please contact us via phone or email. We want to discuss your specific needs, expectations and budget so that we can help you find the ideal dog. Unlike other places, we work with a variety of breeds giving you the choice to select your preferred breed. – Not Everyone Likes A German Shepherd.
  • Once we have defined your specifics needs and chosen a dog we will send you an invoice requesting 50% deposit payable via cash, check or wire transfer. Paypal & all credit cards are accepted if you are willing to pay the 3% fee. The balance will be due upon pick up or prior to delivery of your new dog.

Do you ship your dogs or must they be picked-up?

  • Both options are available. If you want to have your dog shipped there is a $250 fee for an airline approved crate in addition to any and all shipping charges typically around $500. We will take the dog to the airport for you with all required documentation. If you chose our VIP Service we can deliver the dog to your home personally and conduct handler training at your premises.

Are the dogs vaccinated?

  • Yes, you will receive a current health certificate with your dog. Our dogs are on Trifexis logo


Are your dogs house trained?

  • Our dogs are house trained and will behave in your house in your presence but they do not know your house so there will be an adjustment period where your dog must be watched or put away while unsupervised. Your dog will be obedience trained so a simple No or Come is sufficient to show boundaries and limitation in his new home.


Are females as protective as males? If they are spayed do they protect less?

  • Yes, they can be as protective as males and spaying does not affect their level of protection. The same can not be said about males, if neutered, it may tone down their drive.