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Breed: Belgian Malinois

Training: Off Leash Obedience, Deterrence & Protection

Price: 25,000

Belgian Malinois Rocky is an outstanding and versatile K9 trained for personal protection. His repertoire includes off-leash obedience, deterrence, and protection skills that make him a reliable companion for ensuring the safety of his owners. This exceptional canine is not only skilled in reliable protection work but also possesses a playful and affectionate side. In terms of obedience, Rocky responds effectively to off-leash commands, showcasing a high level of training and discipline. His ability to deter potential threats is evident through his bark on command, providing an added layer of security for the family. Moreover, Rocky can transition seamlessly from playful activities to protection mode and vice versa as necessary, making him a well-rounded protector. Rocky’s love for interactive games like fetching and playing frisbee reflects his energetic and engaging nature. Beyond the reliable obedience and protection training, he has been taught enjoyable tricks such as rolling over and zig-zagging between legs, adding an element of fun to his skill set. This showcases not only his intelligence but also his willingness to participate in activities that strengthen the bond with his owner. His skill set is well-suited for scenarios such as home invasion, carjacking, or armed robbery. In essence, Rocky is more than just a highly trained protection dog – he is a loyal and joyful companion who excels in both security work and recreational activities. If you are seeking a Belgian Malinois that combines exceptional training, drive, and a disposition for personal or estate protection, Rocky is a standout choice. His capabilities and personality may very well exceed your expectations, providing not only security but also a loving and dynamic presence within your family.

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