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Diesel *SOLD*

Breed: Belgian Malinois

Training: Advanced Off Leash Obedience, Deterrence & Protection

Meet Diesel *SOLD*!

Diesel is an elite Belgian Malinois imported from Europe where he competed in obedience and protection and earned the highest title available. He is a social, stable and clear headed dog with flashy and reliable off leash-obedience, off-leash protection, house search, tracking, etc, this guy can do it all. On the protection side Diesel has crossed trained for real life scenarios. Very alert dog that notifies you if someone drives up or walks up to your property. This is the type of dog you think has a human inside of him because of how he communicates with you and the effort he puts forth in understanding you. He doesn’t need a leash or even a collar, you can use your hands to make him go right/left. Diesel behaves excellent in the house and in the car. If you are looking for a elite executive or family protection dog to have at home and travel with, one with a high level of control, flashy off leash obedience and reliable protection consider Diesel.

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