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Breed: Doberman

Training: Advanced Off-Leash Obedience, Deterrence & Protection

Introducing Doberman Socrates, affectionately known as “Tes” – a remarkable canine ready to join a new family. Tes exudes a stable temperament and a clear-headed demeanor, demonstrating an unwavering desire to please. His intelligence and loyalty, inherent traits of the Doberman breed, make him an exceptional addition to any household. Tes shines in off-leash obedience, deterrence and protection showcasing his remarkable training and making it a breeze to take him anywhere. With a moderate size, he effortlessly fits into various environments, ensuring convenient companionship and security wherever you go. Beyond being a delightful companion, Tes stands as a reliable source of deterrence and protection, offering a sense of security to his future family. This wonderful Doberman enjoys the simple pleasures of life, relishing in games of fetch and cherishing quality time spent with his owners. If you are seeking a devoted, affectionate and intelligent canine that can be taken anywhere and everywhere, off-leash, Tes could be the perfect match. For more details on bringing Tes into your home and experiencing the joy he brings, feel free to contact us – your future with Tes awaits!

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