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High-Class K9 Advanced Protection-Puppy Program

Protection-Puppy Program

Protection-Puppy Program

Distinguishable HighClass Pups  Customized To Your Needs

We want a happy social dog protecting you and your family, not an aggressive dog. Our puppies begin their training at 3 days of age. They are exposed to slippery floors, stairs, noises. We teach them to spend time in the crate at home and in the car traveling. They are handled by children and taken for walks consistently and are exposed to many environments and scenarios.

There are many challenges when choosing a puppy for protection work. Imagine walking into a children daycare and trying to guess who will be the next doctor, the next attorney, or the next cop. As you can imagine this would be almost impossible. Even if the child’s parents are excellent doctors it doesn’t mean that the child will be a good doctor or one at all. Same with a pup, even when they come from excellent bloodlines there are no guarantees that they will cut it for protection work – it takes a special dog and we know what to look for to maximize the chances for success.

When you buy a pup from us you know that the pup has been bred, evaluated and selected  for work. It will be properly socialized and have the foundation needed to be successful in family and personal protection. They will be confident & have a high willingness to please and they will excel in advanced obedience, protection and defense.

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