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If you are looking for the highest level of training, on and off leash, even under the highest levels of distractions on the most balanced Belgian Malinois available, you’ve found him.

This superlative dog is titled in Mondio Ring and crossed trained for real life protection. His pedigree is formidable and he is easy to handle as he has been trained with a female handler most his life. If you look into Mondio Ring you will find that is a discipline which requires the most balanced of dogs, animals that can think, reason and solve problems on their own in addition to having solid nerves. They are exposed to the highest levels of distractions and pressures, more than any other discipline and are expected to maintain absolute control only a thinking dog can comply with. Mondio Ring is all about control while working regardless of the dogs intensity or situation. This superlative K9 likes cats YES CATS, farm animals, dogs and is social in all aspects of his life. His protection is above and beyond anything that you can expect to include a degree of food refusal, prolonged down stays in the presence of extreme distractions and more. You can go from walking into a daycare facility with this dog into a dark ally in the worst of neighborhoods and be safe in both scenarios. If you want the best Malinois with the best training that money can buy this boy is it.

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