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Zeus is a highly trained and very affectionate Belgian Malinois with solid nerves and very good temperament who comes from the absolute finest bloodlines. This dog has a high degree of off-leash obedience and protection to include Heeling backwards to protect your back, automobile protection, etc. He can be handled by both men and women, he is very sweet with his owners and wants to please which makes him easy to handle. Zeus loves children and gets along with other dogs. This super fun dog loves to go on rides in the truck and he loves the water. We have taught him tricks like fetching, zigzagging between your legs etc. This beautiful Belgian Malinois will be a fantastic executive protection dog or a family friend and protector for a person, couple or family that likes to enjoy and have fun with their dog and is looking for advanced obedience, a well defined on/off switch and reliable protection on command.

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