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Children & Protection Dogs

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A professionally trained protection dog is a working animal that with proper introduction will bond with the family and can be safe and affectionate around children. In addition, they are well balanced,  confident in nature and do not see children as a threat nor would they bite out of fear.

When you buy a “Family” Protection dog from HighClassK9 you can be assured that the dog has shown to tolerate and like children. Not all dogs, trained or not, like children. Our dogs will bond with your children and protect them with their own life.

For successful bonding with the new family, specially children, it is imperative that the head of household, man or woman, establish themselves as the Alpha, the pack leader. There are things you do and not do to get the point across to your dog that you are the leader. Subtle things like not letting the dog walk ahead of you out the door send a signal to that the dog that you are in-charged. When you have established yourself as pack leader then you make the dog understand that your partner and children come before him in hierarchy, when he is clear of his place within the pack then we achieve success and harmony.

Children must also be taught how to behave with their dog and with strange dogs they may encounter at a friends or family members house. They must be shown not to hit or hurt the dog. Not to put their face close to the dogs face-remember that this dog, any dog you bring in your house, does not know your children. Its takes time for the bond to take place and until then you must act responsibly.

A family protection dog can be obedient & well behaved at home and in public and can protect you your children should the need arise.

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