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Children and Protection Dogs

Children-Protection Dogs

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Children-Protection Dogs

Children-Protection Dogs

As a parent, you would do anything to protect your child. But what about the times when you cannot physically be around or times when a threat comes up unexpectedly. Even if you do not see these situations coming, or if you are unprepared for them, a protection dog will be. Protection dogs are professionally trained to serve as a faithful friend and guardian for your whole family, especially your children.

A protection dog from High-Class K9 offers the ideal combination of protective instincts and professional training with a calm, affectionate temperament that is well-suited for families with children. Our protection dogs undergo thorough in-house training to prepare them for any and every situation where they might be called upon to react in a dangerous situation. In addition to professional training, our dogs are also highly socialized and well-balanced to ensure that they do well in a family setting.

Not only will our dogs protect your children with their lives, but they will become your child’s faithful companion as well. Our dogs are carefully socialized around children and in family settings to ensure that they bond closely with your family. Though our dogs will be calm and affectionate around your children, they will not hesitate to address a threat head-on, should it ever be necessary.

If you choose a protection dog from High-Class K9 you can rest assured that the dog will be custom-trained to fit into your family and ready to protect your children with his own life. To ensure that your new protection dog makes a smooth transition into your family, however, there are a few steps you need to take.

First, you must prepare your children for the addition of a dog into the family. It is imperative that your children understand how to care for and interact with the dog properly. Though all of our dogs are trained for safety around children, your children still need to be taught the proper way to act around a dog – they must never hit or yell at the dog. Rough handling and overstimulation can be stressful for a dog, any dog therefore it’s important to teach the child how to behave around dogs, protection trained or not.

In addition to preparing your children for the addition of a dog to the family, you too must make certain adjustments. Though you will always be able to count on your protection dog to defend your family, you still need to establish yourself as the Alpha of the household. Be firm and consistent when interacting with the dog and make sure that he knows you are in charge. Being the Alpha of the household does not involve hurting or punishing the dog – it simply means establishing yourself as the dominant member of the “pack” so your dog understands his place in the familial hierarchy.

If you are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of your children, adding a protection dog to the family may be the right solution. Our dogs are professionally trained and highly obedient, always ready to spring into action if it becomes necessary. Though our dogs are always ready to respond to a threat, their training does not prevent them from being loving and faithful companions.

To add an extra layer of security for the protection of your home and family – and to give your children the gift of a loyal friend and companion – consider adding a protection dog to your family.

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