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Common Misconceptions About Personal Protection Dogs

Misconceptions Personal Protection Dogs

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Misconceptions Personal Protection Dogs

Misconceptions Personal Protection Dogs

There are any number of major misconceptions that people have about personal protection dog training (PPD). Many of those preconceived ideas are based on a modicum of facts that have been clouded over the years by personal feelings with a little fiction thrown in. On top of that, the Internet provides a ton of both good and bad information. Much of it can be trusted, but most of it can’t. So, what are those misconceptions and what are the real answers? Well, here are just a few:

My Own Untrained Dog Can Protect Me

Misconceptions Personal Protection Dogs

Everyone’s heard a story or two about how the family dog protected a little one from attackers or barked like crazy when some stranger confronted his mommy when she was jogging. Unfortunately, that is the exception to the rule. It’s true that an important part of what makes the dog breeds that are generally utilized for protection work so great is their natural protective instinct. However, when something occurs that requires canine intervention, most dogs simply don’t know what they should do. Sure, he or she has love as a motivation, but ignorance can be quite a hindrance. Your dog might not have a clue as to how to handle the stress of that moment of confrontation. In some cases, dogs have even bitten their own master or mistress due to the fact that they didn’t know what to do when the stressful situation presented itself. At HighClass K9, our protection dogs learn to enhance their natural protectiveness, and couple it with intense training so they will know what to do when a situation arises.

A Protection Dog is an Attack or Guard Dog

An attack or guard dog is a different product both in temperament, mental state and training and not a dog that is suitable for a home or family environment. The drive to protect is a must for real protection dogs, but although some people could misinterpret this as a form of aggression, protection dogs are really generally trustworthy and friendly, not vicious or aggressive. A protection dog is a well-balanced creature who can allow a child to turn him into a pillow, but can also stand his ground with the best of them when that very same little one needs to be defended. It’s all about the balance between shyness and aggression. They can be a perfect friend as well as an excellent protector acting only on command or when a high level of threat is detected.


Protection Dogs Cost Too Much

Training a Personal Protection Dog does involve a great deal of expense, requiring not just the money but also plenty of time and expensive specialty equipment for the process. A knowledgeable individual who takes the time and initiative to train a personal protection dog, is investing sweat, skill, time, strength and even in some cases, a little skin for the dog’s own good as well as that of the people who purchase these dogs. In the event that someone breaks into your home, you want the assurance that the trainer never skimped on training your dog. So, every penny spent on a protection dog is well worth it and really not that costly.


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