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Breed: Belgian Malinois

Training: Elite

Introducing Belgian Malinois Ozcar, a pinnacle of canine excellence trained in off-leash obedience, deterrence, and protection. Ozcar boasts a remarkable balance with a clear-head and a well-defined “off switch,” making him the ideal choice for personal or family environments. Ozcar’s training extends beyond advanced commands such as food refusal & object-guard; he embodies a social and balanced temperament that sets him apart. His demeanor reflects a harmonious blend of intelligence, loyalty, and adaptability. In the realm of protection, Ozcar excels, ensuring the safety and security of those he cares for whether in the car, in public or at home. This elite K9 is not just a dog; he is a finely tuned companion and defense system, ready to enhance your life with his exceptional skills and temperament. If you demand nothing but the best, Ozcar awaits the opportunity to showcase his prowess. As with any of our dogs, Ozcar can be hand-delivered to you anywhere in the world. Consult with us further to discover how this extraordinary Belgian Malinois can seamlessly integrate into your personal or family setting—prepare to be impressed.

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