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Below are a few testimonials from some of our customers

 Many of our customers have purchased a second dog from us

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Dear Ivan,

Thank you so much for Trouble. He is the absolute best dog I have ever owned. As I told you previously I purchased a “protection” dog from another kennel and was very disappointed in the dog’s training. For personal protection this other dog was a waste of money. My wife is deaf. She and my 2 year old daughter spend most of the day at home alone. I wanted a dog that would without a doubt, 100%, protect them from any intruder. I have spent lots of money with local trainers trying to train my own protection dog. I have been around many professionally trained protection dogs. 


I can say that Trouble is the best of them ALL! He is the most obedient dog I have ever seen. He LOVES to work. He loves to play with my kids. He immediately became a member of the family as if he had lived here forever. He is an absolute gentleman. We go for daily runs together and he is right by my left side all the time off leash. He still has plenty of energy to play fetch after our run. He will 110% protect my family without hesitation. He has NO FEAR. His protection skills are amazing. My local Schutzhund club is impressed with his skills. We were driving to the store and a homeless person holding a sign approached the car. Trouble immediately lit up and started barking. The man stopped dead in his tracks, smiled and walked away. My family feels safe and secure with Trouble on the job. He swims in the pool with the kids. My 2 1/2 year old daughter love to throw his tennis ball and watch him fetch. People stare at him all the time when we are running. They are amazed how he heels right by me left and ignores other people and dogs. He just runs with me (no leash). I honestly cannot brag about him enough. Direct anyone and everyone to me for a reference. Anyone that is in driving distance is more than welcome to come see Trouble and the quality training your company provides. Thank you so much.

P.S.  Your prices are the MOST reasonable in the market. It is hard for people to judge things over the Internet, but no one provides the quality you do for the price you do. I am sure there are other quality trainers out there, but I would tell people do not buy a dog from any other company. Why risk getting scammed like I did by that other company. No one will find a better protection dog for a better price. People are as safe buying from you as they will be with the dog you provide!


Dr J L.., D.D.S.

Board Certified American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry 

Hey Ivan, 

Gypsy is doing very well. She and Cam (our gsd) are good buddies now. The two of them have been really great Gypsytogether. Gypsy is reacting very well to commands. We are walking the neighborhood with her in the morning and evening as well as playing fetch at some point in the day. She plays in the shallow end of our pool every day too. 

We are very happy with our new addition. She’s an amazing dog. Thank you!



Kaeden Foxy Hunt 003



Thank you for letting us visit with Foxy.  She is a great girl and I believe the right fit for our family. We spent a couple hours Saturday looking for the perfect bed for Foxy.  Kaeden laid in several before he picked one he thought would be warm enough for his dog. He asks everyday how much longer till she comes home.  

We look forward to seeing her next month.


Hi Ivan, I thought you’d love this photo…we did a photo shoot this morning and Apollo dutifully put up with the clown costume for 30+ minutes.  He was perfectly ok with it – I think this certainly shows the solid temperament of your dogs.




Huracan and I have become best friends. Best money I’ve ever spent, you should have charged me more for this fine dog! Send any customers with questions my way.


John FadaIvan I cant even begin to tell you how happy i am with Fada. At 73 years old I needed a dog that would listen to me with no fuss and protect me. I was impressed with your facilities and the time we spent with Fada and i am glad i went to see you guys and practiced protection exercises before having her ship as i think she remembered me and listened to me from the beginning. I can take around the neighborhood and she socializes with everyone I say is ok and with children she is very protective, if they run and fall she goes to their side and sits by them. I cant even believe she is capable of the protection work i witness at your facility. What a wonderful german shepherd Fada is, she is like my shadow and i love this girl. I am so happy my daughter convinced me to get another dog. I exercise by walking her and my days are brighter. I also feel very safe and have peace of mind knowing she is by me. She doesn’t miss a beat and is very aware. If you need references give them my number.



Delivering two HighClass Dutch Shepherds to NBA superstar athlete, Dwight Howard.


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I couldn’t be happier with the service, professionalism and product I received from HC-K9. The end result of my experience with your company exceeded my highest expectations.

I appreciate the time your staff took with me in preparing and training me before I took possession of my dog, the service you provided transporting him to me and the time you took in the weeks following in answering my questions in calls and emails.

I especially appreciate your professional assessment of my needs and your recommendation of the dog that fit me best was spot on! Vero has fit into my family beautifully and he is everything I hoped for and more. I could not ask for a better dog!

I can’t thank you enough and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your operation to anyone looking for a top of the line, highly trained and family friendly security dog, and a service oriented business to do business with.


D & W Dobbs


imagejpeg_022Hello Ivan,


Glenda and I have wanted to send you a thank you letter for delivering Buck to us here in CA. Don’t even know where to begin as we are so pleased with Buck. We can hardly believe he has been “With Us” just over 4 weeks now; it seems like He has ALWAYS been “With Us”!

The first week we could see he was settling in and getting used to our routine and all of the sounds around us here in the country just like you and your Son said he would. He is such a smart dog. Buck is eager to please and is very gracious; for example, our Jack Russell and Miniature Pinscher would go over to his crate and look at him sniff and sometimes growl. But to Bucks credit he never once growled back at them. After the introduction outside and Buck being free in the house both of the small dogs have growled at him and actually lunged at him and still, he just wags his big ole tail and looks at them playfully.

He is constantly with us here on the ranch and stays right at our sides if we ask him to. Buck sits, stays, lies down, comes, barks, climbs, & fetches anywhere at any time without any demanding on our part. We simply say the commands and he obeys them.

He is very observant and pays attention to every sound; yet he doesn’t bark or growl loudly. Buck actually will hear something and then growl or bark quietly then look at one of us to see that we hear him. We tell him good boy and he is quiet again.

We both feel very secure having him here with us. As you know we live way out in the country and anybody could show up here at any time and do whatever they wished to do and nobody would probably ever hear a thing or even notice that a stranger was here on our property to begin with. I have ALWAYS locked all of my doors and kept my windows locked at night and this was a source of contention with Glenda as she (and I!) loves the fresh air. I always was fearful that somebody would get in and I wouldn’t hear them as I am a sound sleeper. It was a hell of a dilemma for me as I wanted to protect us. With Buck here I have had ALL of our doors and windows open and I have slept better than I ever have. Buck is watching so I don’t have too!

Well Ivan, I could go on and on. But will close with this… Buck is by far the smartest dog we have ever known, he is gracious, patient, loving, and faithfully protective. It is hard to put into words just what he means to us but know this Brother – It is a Privilege and an Honor to have Buck as part of our family! We feel like he has been here a long time and I can see how he loves us and looks out for us. Buck is the best investment I ever made. We spend our lives working for a safe place call home for ourselves and our families; and unfortunately in this day and age there just really isn’t that security or faith in it being so a protection dog like Buck gives me great peace of mind. I thank you for a great price on a great dog.

Blessings to you and all that you do with these fantastic dogs! T&G



Thank you for the link to Brando’s video, it was great.

Brando is doing very well, we have been together 24 hours a day since getting him out of his crate at the airport. Our bonding process seems to be going exceptionally well.  He is getting along with everybody in the household well, including the cats, one of which lets him lick it’s ears, the other two don’t run from him but try to avoid him if possible. My wife’s dog is still a little jealous, but is accepting him well, all three of us run together on our evening runs.  I can’t thank you enough for the excellent training you have instilled in Brando, or for the wonderful companion you provided me with. I will keep you informed of Brando’s adventures.  I really don’t know which of us is the happiest, Brando with his new home or me with my wonderful partner/dog. If you ever need a reference for your work or have a client in the area that wishes to talk with one of your satisfied  clients, feel free to use me.

Thanks again

Craig Young & Brando


PicCollageDear Ivan,

Hugo is even better than we could have wanted. He tries to groom the cat and deer. He’s become very protective of us both and the deer! No problems with the other dogs. We’ve taken him into restaurants and stores and he behaves r ally good. This weekend we stopped putting him in his crate at night and he sleeps on my side of the bed( but on the floor!) I take him to the clinic in the afternoon when we’re not as busy and lay him down in my office and he sleeps!

Thanks again for such a GREAT dog.

D & M


Dallas German Shepherd saleHi Ivan,

I really love Civil, I couldn’t ask for a better dog. He is so well behaved and quiet and he listens to all my commands.

This afternoon my Shepherd Hansie had to be put to sleep, a heartbreaking loss made more bearable because Civil is at my side.

Thanks again for Civil.