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Breed: Doberman

Training: Off-Leash Obedience, Deterrence & Protection

Introducing Viko, affectionately known as Frank, a distinguished Doberman hailing from exceptional working lines. Renowned for his fine qualities, Viko is a canine paragon of intelligence, dominance, confidence, loyalty, and protective instincts. This remarkable Doberman is not just a pet; he’s an ideal companion for personal, executive, or estate protection. Viko’s intelligence is evident in his quick wit and astute observations. His dominant and confident nature make him a formidable presence, ensuring a sense of security in any environment. Loyalty is at the core of his character, forming a deep bond with his owners. As a protective force, Viko stands as a vigilant guardian, ready to defend and safeguard. Known for his attentiveness, Viko possesses a keen sense of awareness, missing nothing in his surroundings. This trait makes him an invaluable asset for those seeking a vigilant and perceptive protector. For more information about this amazing K9, don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether by phone call or email, we’re here to provide you with detailed insights into Viko’s exceptional qualities and how he can be the perfect fit for your security needs. Elevate your protection with Viko, the epitome of a fine Doberman from superlative working lines.

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