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Our Dutch Shepherds

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Our Dutch Shepherd line is 10 years old and started with fine imports from Holland like Harry, Bono, Rudie , Tommy Luken, Arras Pegge and Rudie Pegge. Our line is specifically bred, selected and trained for family and personal protection although it could excel at any sport and even police work.

The Dutch Shepherd (Hollandse Herder) is a true working dog, medium in size, fiercely loyal to its pack, highly intelligent and independent, yet totally trustworthy and reliable.  It’s coat is black with streaks of grey or gold, enough to intimidate and ward off any predators. They are as intelligent as the German Shepherd but faster and more versatile. A famous breeder once said “They Have the Drive of the Belgian Malinois with the Sense of the German Shepherd”. They are used as police and family protection dogs because of their stable nerves, courage, determination and loyalty to its handler and pack.

We enjoy teaching and working with the Dutch Shepherd dog breed and find it to be a versatile dog, adaptable to hard & courageous work. A typical Dutch Shepherd is devoted to his master, obedient, happy to please the receive orders and rewards. This breed is naturally alert, an excellent watchdog, very faithful and reliable, energetic and always ready for the job. They are vigilant and very pack oriented and like wolves Dutch Shepherd Dog has a great sense of ranking, of who the leader is and committed respect to that leader. They are naturally inquisitive, active, love to go with you everywhere, whether hiking or on a journey of several days or just to the supermarket. Agile both body and mind and need stimulation and variety to keep the dog busy.

The Dutch Shepherd is a very communicative type of dog. Sometimes one must give way to his feelings and calm him or her with a soft word or a smile, and everything will be fine. It is not necessary to treat this breed of dog abruptly. They want to please and are very sensitive to its handler tone of voice and mood (atmosphere) in the house. A loud “NO” can mean more than pulling their chain. Despite being active and full of initiative, Dutch Shepherds are not capricious nervous. While I’m at the computer writing this, my Family Protection Trained Dutch Shepherd dog is relaxing by my side.

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