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A Giant Schnauzer is a wonderful companion that is perfect for a family home if properly trained. They are noted for their devotion, even temperament, and intelligence. The Giant Schnauzer is the largest of the three Schnauzer breeds, with the Standard and Miniature Schnauzer being the smaller two. It belongs to the Working Group. Schnauzers are an ancient German breed that dates back to the 1400s. They were intended to be flexible working dogs for agricultural chores such as herding and as a guard dog. Schnauzers were used for a wide range of activities as urbanization progressed, including guarding shops, factories, and other establishments. Their natural ability and resistance to bad conditions combined to make them a valuable and capable working dog.



Despite their moniker, Giant Schnauzers are not exceptionally enormous in contrast to other breeds; a Schnauzer’s typical shoulder height is just about 26″. It is a well-built dog that appears to be twice as long as it is tall. The coat is thick, coarse, and wire-like; bred to survive all weathers and reputedly resistant to rat bites, modern Schnauzers often benefit from kennel life, as they can get far too hot indoors in full coat. Cropping the ears and tail was common in the past, and it is still done where it is permissible. A purebred Schnauzer will be black or black with white flecks (salt-and-pepper).


Grooming, clipping, and stripping are all necessary to keep a Schnauzer looking respectable, as one might think with such a thick coat. A regular bath is required, with special attention paid to the longer hair around their nose and mouth, which can become soiled with food and drool on a regular basis. Because the Giant Schnauzer has a lot of stamina and energy, he needs a lot of exercise (at least two hours every day). When a Schnauzer is not properly exercised, it might get bored and destructive, so keep this in mind when selecting whether or not to adopt one.


These dogs have incredible personality, as they are happy, loyal, and brilliant. They are excellent household pets if given enough exercise and stimulation, and their intelligence allows them to be easily trained in obedience as well as for work or show events. Schnauzers have a tendency to desire to be “top dog,” thus a stern attitude is required to prevent it from attempting to rule the home. They are not appropriate for a dog owner who is afraid of dogs or who wants a canine “buddy” rather than a pet. Because of their natural inclination to function as a guard dog, they can be distrustful of outsiders and even aggressive. Early exposure of Schnauzer puppies to a variety of persons and surroundings can help to mitigate this propensity.

Giant Schnauzers are easy to teach since they are versatile and adaptive. However, the trainer must be strict with them and not allow them to get away with disobedience. They require a lot of attention and, despite their tough exterior, are prone to a variety of health issues, with their eyes and skin being particularly vulnerable to a variety of ailments. It’s vital to make sure a Schnauzer knows who’s in charge if you want it to succeed as a pet or in training. When a Giant Schnauzer doesn’t know who’s in charge, he’ll be rebellious and even hostile. Making it apparent from the start that you are in charge allows the animal’s many beneficial characteristics to shine through, and you will be pleasantly surprised by this superb dog’s bravery, devotion, and intelligence.

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