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Lina *SOLD*

Lina *SOLD*

Lina is a superlative female malinois, highly intelligent, very astute also very confident and super social with a nice level of suspicion and always aware of her surroundings. Lina would be an ideal dog for high profile individuals be it an executive traveling the country in a private jet or a soccer mom delivering children in her luxury SUV. She is a fearless female determined to defend and protect her family on command, unconditionally. This super K9 performs consistently and reliably, off leash, at a high level yet is sensitive to her handler and thus can be handled even by an 8 year old that’s part of her family or pack. Lina has excellent house manners and a very short, tight coat with minimal shedding and easy maintenance.

Ms Lina loves fetching her ball, catching frisbee, going with you on a bike ride or just spending time with her family. If you are looking for an executive or family protection dog with superb temperament, a dog that can be handled by anyone in the family yet turn into a demon on command to stop the toughest of opponents and turn back to a sweetheart on command; one that will defend you, unconditionally, regardless of surroundings or circumstances yet go to sleep with the little one at home, consider Lina, she won’t disappoint.

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