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This stunning female Dutch Shepherd is titled in Mondio Ring where a high level of obedience, protection and more importantly control is required, even under intense distractions. She is a super dog with very advanced training in both obedience and protection.

Mocha has been raised in a home with 3 children. She is very open, curious, resourceful, stable, with solid nerves, she is lively, loves to work and performs cheerful actions, she loves to swim.   As all of our dogs, this girl is good around all types of sounds to include gunfire, fireworks, she is taught to walk on all kinds of surfaces and nothing that we know off faces her. She is social with small dogs and larger ones that are social like her. Mocha has a very short coat so shedding is very minimal and she weighs about 50lbs making her very easy to manage, groom and travel with.

This superlative and exotic female from healthy and noticeable bloodlines is affectionate with her owners and very aware of her surrounding, Mocha misses nothing. If you are an active individual or family that truly enjoys owning a fun, interactive dog, a super dog that loves fetching, catching freebies and would love to spend time with your dog on jogs, hikes, etc we would like to discuss Mocha with you.

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