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Molok is a super special male Belgian Malinois  imported from Belgium. This Malinois has been cross-trained for real protection and he is very social & affectionate with his family. He likes children and is a calm dog who will see everyone as a friend until the moment you say otherwise or the moment you are in danger. This amazing dog has proven himself capable at one of the toughest ring sports, the Belgian Ring.

He is highly obedient with a high level of control even under heavy distractions. Molok has been trained in real life scenarios and he can search your house or office on command and protect against home invasions, robbery, car jacking and assault. In the case of an altercation and on command, as you walk away from the subject, Molok can walk backwards and circle you facing the threat protecting your back if danger is eminent. Molok has so much heart and commitment that he will defend you even if muzzled. Molok is the ultimate protector and companion who can lay by your side all day and watch tv all go jogging or hiking all day. He is a lovable dog but he can be dominant and will flourish with a person who understands how to be a leader.

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