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Vero is a highly trained male German Shepherd imported from Germany and he is more stunning to look at in person than the pictures. This dog is social and affectionate , likes children and seniors and is highly protective of his family.

At home he is suspicious of strangers and will protect if left alone. Likes to please his handler, will become your shadow by your side never far from you, he is very obedient and highly intelligent with impeccable house manners.

Vero has excelled at the highest level in the sports of Shutzhund confirming his abilities, intelligence and caliber but he has also been trained civilly for real life scenarios and will protect on command and protect against home invasions, robbery and assault while at home, in the car or on the street.

This high caliber dog offers the highest level of obedience, control on and off leash, companionship and real protection for everyday life.

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