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Women and Protection Dogs

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A professionally trained protection dog can be an excellent companion for a woman. As a matter of fact, a significant number of our customers are women or husbands looking for added security for their at home wives and even fathers looking for that extra protection for their gone-away-to college daughter.

Our dogs are socialized and worked around women and can be custom trained for your specific lifestyle. Whether you are active or sedentary, single or married, mother or not,  who enjoys walking, hiking, jogging, taking the baby on the stroller or just been at home, we can match and custom train a dog for you. Our dogs don’t posses over the top crazy pray drives, they are balanced dogs that will be easy to handle by both men and women.

Customers often ask whether sex plays a role in how well a dog bonds with a woman. From experience, seen it both ways many times, we have to say that it doesnt matter thou logic tells us that a male may bond more like a “boyfriend” and a female may bond more as “one of the girls”. At the end of the day, what bonds humans and dogs is mutual respect, love and trust, nothing else.

Bottom line is that women are targeted everyday by violent predators. If you are going to own a dog, feed it, take it for walks, to the vet etc, it may as well do what it was meant to do,  protect you.

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